Things to consider when building a social media page

This is the era of digital media. With the proliferation of the Internet, individuals and institutions have been able to reach out to people more deeply. Social media is a crucial part of this.

It is estimated that about 70% of the population of Kerala has digital literacy. Most of them use social media. On average, today's youth spends three to four hours a day on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. It is to such people that social media branding should go down.

The radio and print media that once dominated the marketing scene is now making its way into social media marketing. The main reason behind this is the growth of technology. Social media branding is actually an indirect branding. Social media does not force consumers to watch or listen to ads like radio TV ads. Advertising and content marketing are a part of social media marketing.

With a proper social media marketing plan, it is possible to increase the brand value of the organization in a very short time. Without boundaries, it is possible to bring information about the organization to more location. As a brand seen on regular socialmedia, your brand will soon be registered in the public mind. This will increase the brand loyalty factor.

Social media campaigns are responsible for opening up new business opportunities and increasing sales. Another crucial aspect of social media marketing is that it reduces the marketing cost by up to 80%. It also helps customers to reach out more.