Do you dream of a brand?

The brand is not just a logo. Not just an advertising or marketing gimmick. Branding is not just a product identity. Branding, on the other hand, is about consumers' trust in your product, safety, and more passion (passion).

You don't try to find talent in branding or repair your brand. There are few such branding experts in our country, although they are familiar abroad. That may be one reason, but a large number of marketers are ignorant of branding. Most people mistakenly believe that branding is a logo and an advertisement for any newspaper or TV

Are you the person who wants to start a business?

First, a good name.

The name simplicity is good, but also attractive. I have a friend who put a shocking name to his hotel after hearing a lot of Italian, German and French dictionaries. Even his uncle did not recommend his name to friends who are looking for a good biryani as a good biryani hotel. The fear of not being able to pronounce without reason. This friend has recently changed his name to something very 'simple but powerfull'. The food lover, who had previously had a taste for tongue but was afraid of messing with his name, began to say that the food at the new hotel was fine!

Better if the name is less meaningful with the product. The name of the product does not necessarily match that of the cosmetic product.